TikTok + Shopify: a partnership for the new generation

TikTok + Shopify: a partnership for the new generation
Story of AMS
Story of AMS
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TikTok took the world by storm, created a new space and a new style of engagement, and opened up the playing field for a new set of influencers that were previously blocked out by Instagrams algorithms. 

Now, TikTok is being even more strategic, working on a partnership with Shopify that is being rolled out through Europe. 

Tiktok for business became an extremely useful and viable tool for small business owners to promote their goods without paying through their ears for Facebook and Instagram ads, which are crowded platforms to get ad space in. Now, with a Shopify partnership, they can carve out a space for themselves in the market and provide users of both platforms real value - with a fully integrated way to promote and sell products through TikTok. 

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms on the market right now, making it easy to create scalable, beautiful and functional websites without having to start from scratch. Their partnership with TikTok is showing some serious solidarity with the new wave of social media, and a fantastic grasp on the next generation of consumers. 

The Shopify TikTok partnership being officially launched in Europe is a great tool for our Shopify clients to consider. With their integration you can create TikTok ads directly through your Shopify dashboard, for a seamless social marketing experience. 

Some of the key features we’re excited about are below:

"1-click" pixel:

Similar to the Facebook pixel, this can be added to Shopify Merchants stores to better track and optimize users for campaigns. This helps them better measure TikTok ad performance and use it to interact with potential new customers. The best part? It’s all done with a simple click of a button.

Integrated Campaign management:

Shopify merchants will be able to create native campaigns on Tiktok directly in their Shopify dashboard, meaning easier management across the board.  

Advanced Retargeting:

This feature allows Shopify merchants to retarget their audiences with their Tiktok ads, with accurate conversion data. This more effectively engages their campaigns on TikTok with customers likely to convert with their Shopify store. Again, it can all be done through the dashboard. 

Free Ad Credit:

For all Shopify Merchants on the Trial or Basic programmes, connecting with TikTok Business will get them £74/€82 in ad credit, once they’ve spent £18/€20 within two weeks of registering. This is a nice boost for users to understand and play with the tool without spending their own dime to begin. 

Final thoughts

TikTok is a growing platform, with an extremely engaged community. With it’s content first approach, it’s the ideal place for businesses to reach customers who are active and engaged in a creative way, without spending a fortune on static ads. With TikTok already being a prime tool for consumers to discover and purchase, their integration with Shopify will only make it easier.  We can expect even more in the coming months, as Shopify and TikTok will also be collaborating to test out new commerce features, to expand their business offering through paid and organic reach with their video content. So watch this space for more TikTok and Shopify updates. 

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