Distinguishing your eCommerce brand.

Distinguishing your eCommerce brand.
Ashley Snoei
Ashley Snoei
24 min listen

In an increasingly saturated apparel market, Girav has managed to become an established player among retailers. How? By conceptualizing a niche product (the perfectly sized t-shirt for taller men) into a recognizable brand. Having marked its 10th anniversary, Girav has since expanded on its products and grown significantly as an e-commerce brand - something for which our latest guest, Chief Marketing Officer Stefan van den Berg, has been responsible since 2019. 

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*this podcast is in Dutch 

In this episode of the Story of AMS Podcast, we talk to CMO Stefan van den Berg about operating in the current eCommerce landscape and how they are going about growing the brand. How do you ensure that your brand remains distinctive while, simultaneously, avoiding monotony? 

The CMO elaborates on their brand positioning, their strategy to instill brand preference, and how they are able to compete with global, oftentimes lower-priced retailers, such as ZARA or H&M. We discuss the growing relevance of D2C, Girav’s eCommerce proposition and what they are currently doing to further strengthen their platform.

Furthermore, we ask about the CMO’s ambitions for expanding the brand beyond The Netherlands and Germany. 

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