Servicing local clients as a global brand.

Servicing local clients as a global brand.
Ashley Snoei
Ashley Snoei
24 min listen

In recent years, INTERSPORT has boosted their eCcommerce presence significantly through the implementation of new online strategies. A crucial move for the global leader in sporting goods in their efforts to remain a strong force in retail among eCommerce giants. In the Coen and Ecommerce podcast, Head of Product & Omnichannel, Thijs van Mil, chats to Coen about INTERSPORT’s improved eCommerce strategy. 

This episode is now available on Spotify and SoundCloud, or watch the whole video on YouTube.

In this episode of Coen and Ecommerce, Coen sits down with Thijs to discuss the latest trends in eCommerce, as well as the company’s most recent developments within this landscape. The Head of Product & Omnichannel explains how INTERSPORT has adapted its services to aid the local needs of their clients while maintaining its global prominence as a brand.

Thijs also shares valuable tips on how to prepare and optimize your platform for big shopping holidays, using their experience with Black Friday as an example. Additionally, Coen is curious as to what advice Thijs would give to those starting out in the eCommerce space (or those wanting to evolve). What is the best approach?

Check out the latest episode of the Coen and Ecommerce podcast to hear the full story, including many more exclusive insights.

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