How to find prospects for your e-Commerce business

How to find prospects for your e-Commerce business
Ashley Snoei
Ashley Snoei
20 min listen

How do you know where your prospects are as a business-to-business company? In this week’s Coen and eCommerce podcast Coen sits down for a virtual chat with Douglas Voeten, Head of Digital Marketing and eCommerce at Atradius Collections. Atradius Collections is a leader in business to business debt collections, providing tailored solutions worldwide. We discuss customer journeys in the B2B space, how to find one's prospects, and much more.

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As we often discusses busines-to-consumer, this week we delve deeper into the business-to-business environment. Being part of a B2B company that operates worldwide, Douglas explains how he determines where prospects are. More specifically, he taps into a common eCommerce issue: how do you get potential customers to visit, and ultimately convert? 

Using Atradius Collections as an example, Douglas elaborates on managing the uncertainties and anxieties of customers. They discuss how to promote and maintain a good relationship with customers, and gaining their trust, regardless of the kind of eCommerce business you operate. 

We further explore the B2C and B2B spaces in eCommerce, their differences, but also how they are more similar than one might think. In fact, Douglas explains how he is able to integrate his B2C background and expertise within his current role, and use it to their advantage.

Furthermore, they examine ways in which to target new businesses, and how to subsequently stay top of mind. Exemplifying Atradius’ reliance on search engines, they talk about sustainable, organic ways to reach new customers in the funnel. How do you stay on top of your SEO game?

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