Managing eCommerce ecosystems.

Managing eCommerce ecosystems.
Ashley Snoei
Ashley Snoei
24 min listen

How do you manage a well-connected eCommerce ecosystem? For this episode of the Coen and Ecommerce podcast, Coen talks to Jean-Paul Rieu, eCommerce manager at Nestlé. Here, Jean-Paul is responsible for the various channels of its pet care division, Purina. They talk about how to create a frictionless customer journey and the latest trends in eCommerce. What are his thoughts on direct-to-consumer propositions versus marketplaces?

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In this episode, Coen and Jean-Paul talk about operating within an ecosystem, and how to make sure it is seamless. Jean-Paul points out the different channels that are involved when navigating through an intricate ecosystem such as Purina’s.

Coen and Jean-Paul discuss eCommerce trends, and one in particular: direct-to-consumer. Jean-Paul talks about taking the leap to D2C, and the decision-making process behind it. How do you know a D2C proposition is suitable for your brand? He points out two questions every brand must ask themselves to determine whether it’s a good fit. 

Coen also asks Jean-Paul about his goals at Nestlé, his thoughts on guided selling, and their approach to taking control of the customer journey. Jean-Paul explains the ‘three pillars of conversion', however they also discuss the importance of content. Should we stop focusing so much on conversion? How important is good content?

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