Why platforms opt for guided selling.

Why platforms opt for guided selling.
Ashley Snoei
Ashley Snoei
24 min listen

The past year has been a transformative time for sports brand ASICS. As most of our plans and daily habits have had to take a backseat, many found relief in one activity in particular: running. This, combined with the closure of physical stores and ASICS' growing eCommerce ambition, has introduced an array of new opportunities for the brand. In the latest episode of the Coen and Ecommerce podcast, Coen talks to Rick Hoving, eCommerce Manager of ASICS, about the brand’s recent developments, ways in which to improve conversion and his forecast for the future of eCommerce.

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In this episode, Coen welcomes Senior eCommerce manager, Rick Hoving, for a virtual chat about the brand’s innovative approach to data and creating a unique digital store experience. 

Rick reflects on the past year and the impact it has had on the sports brand. A year in which he has witnessed a significant audience shift. They discuss how ASICS was able to accommodate an audience that not only grew, but became increasingly varied. They also look ahead: how do they intend to retain this newly developed customer base?

They talk about ways to translate unique store experiences to the digital realm. How does ASICS employ this approach to improve its conversion? Rick explains that focusing on conversion rate optimization and customer loyalty alone is not enough, however. That is, there is one more thing that one must explore when operating (or wanting to operate) on a global scale. The eCommerce manager elaborates on the role of guided selling, using their data-driven tool, Shoe Finder, as an example. 

Coen and Rick also discuss the future of eCommerce. They delve into the concept of brand theatre, the relevance of experience-driven platforms, but also the growing influence of marketplaces.

Check out the Coen and Ecommerce podcast to hear more about these and many other valuable insights.

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