Story of you.

Let this page be our application to you. We’ll shortly introduce ourselves, tell you what we value, what our strong points are and what we have to offer you. Then, when we made it to the second round, we’d love to tell you more about where we see ourselves in the next few years.

At Story of AMS, we’re on a mission to redefine the way we buy online. The only way to accomplish this is with talents like you. So if you want to build and scale leading eCommerce brands, look no further.

Join our story, create your best work and have lots of fun!

Value driven

Company culture seems hard to put in exact words. But it’s something you feel pretty much straight away.

We come to work every day to create, together. Our values act as a guideline to who we aspire to be. They will never be done, but we created them to build a culture that continues to do great work.

We are Dedicated 🏆

We are dedicated to our work because we love what we do and strive to be the best. Together, we challenge the status quo and go where no one has gone before.

We lead with Positivity 💚

We approach every situation with a positive attitude. We believe in ourselves, our team, the company and our clients. We have a can-do attitude no matter the situation.

We tell the Truth ✨

We are honest and tell the truth to build each other up. We dare to listen and speak up. We keep it simple and to the point.

Live your best life and do great work

Yearly company trip

Every year the whole company joins on a couple of days of epicness. When the borders are open again, we’ll start planning the next trip.

Fully stocked pantry

If you come in for a meeting, to do some deep work, or just hang out with colleagues we make sure to keep the engine running. Basically during any time of the day.

Time off

We enjoy our work but we want to have time to explore the world, to spend time with our friends and family. Or alone. Therefore, we don't put a cap on time-off. We only ask you take responsibility for your work.

Flexible office

You decide when you work from home or work at our beautiful office in the heart of Amsterdam. A place we see more like a clubhouse anyways. 


Our limited edition custom-made socks and sweaters are statements by themselves. Wear them with pride.

Open positions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hiring process?

We will start with an interview to get to know you and see if there is a potential fit. Yes? Then you are asked to make a take-home assignment to assess skill-level. Based on that you will be invited for the 2nd interview. Lastly, we will make an offer to whom we feel is the best fit for the role.

I am not a European citizen, can you sponsor my visa?

Yes we can! As a matter of fact, we have 3+ non-european nationalities in the team. 

Can I work remote?

Yes but not full time. We value being and doing stuff together too much to never see you face to face. We do support longer periods of remote working though. 

Can I freelance with you?

We believe in creating 90% of the work in-house. For the occasional 10% we are definitely open to meet people who are great in what they do.

Can I come in for a coffee and chat?

While most of the team works from home atm, the office is spacious enough to keep safe distance for a coffee. Our safety measures will be communicated upfront.