A platform to discuss the future of energy.




Platform UX/UI Design Development

The future of energy.

Sustainable energy is the future if we want to conserve our planet. How do you align people in a municipality to communicate and form a decision on collective energy needs? We helped Alliander to create an intuitive platform that allows people to make informed decisions on the future of their energy needs.

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Omons Community.

Collaboration starts with a conversation. The platform provides easy navigation to the right info leading up to the build-in tool. With this tool neighbours can ask each other questions, share experiences, and take part in an active community.

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End-user in mind.

Going beyond just the product and how it should work. Imagining who this is going to use prompts to think about a logic user flow for the target audience.

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Designed for simplicity.

We wanted people to understand immediately what purpose Omons serves and how to navigate the site. Clear call to actions, short descriptive text and a balanced color pallette. A design that triggers curiosity instead of resistance.

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From 2050 every household in the Netherlands needs to be gas free. This inutive, fully responsive web-application is the first step towards a cleaner energy supply. Build with the newest technologies in web-development, Omons is a platform ready for the future. Thanks to Alliander for the opportunity to collaborate on their forward thinking vision.

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