The Emporium of Treasures.

Bols is one of the world's most iconic liquor brands, selling millions of products every year all around the globe. For the launch of their rebranded and refreshed product line, Bols came to us with the need to create a digital experience that would encourage bartenders and consumers to try out the refreshed cocktail flavours.

We set out to create two distinct films and an online experience where bartenders and consumers can scroll through the different cocktail flavours and get inspired to use them.

Natural botanicals.

Bols is known for its unique and complex cocktail flavours, which are now better than ever thanks to the use of 100% natural botanicals. This film focuses on the natural botanicals and answers why Bols has the best tasting cocktail flavours in the game.

Historic recipes.

Since 1575 Bols has been at the forefront of the cocktail revolution and they are not stopping anytime soon. This film focuses on their history and the craftsmanship and creativity that flows from it.

Bols BTS - Cucumber
Bols End result - Cucumber
Bols BTS - Bottle
Bols End result - Bottle
Bols BTS - Peach
Bols End result - Peach
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