Redefining the way we buy tickets.

Redefining the way we buy tickets

Flicket, saw a gap in the market of ticketing platforms, a market where traditional ticketing companies long held a monopoly position. Its mission: give back control to the event organizers and offer a seamless experience for its customers. When Flicket set out to revamp the industry they asked Story of AMS to build a revolutionary end-to-end ticketing platform.

What we did

  • User experience Strategy

  • End-to-end product design

  • UX/UI Design

  • Web development

  • App development

  • Shopify integration

Seamless experience

Whether it’s a rugby game or a concert, an event falls or stands with people. The main focus of our product design phase was to redefine the user experience of buying tickets. Our goal, make the journey from discovery to purchase as seamless as possible.

We started by identifying all the pain points in the traditional buying journey. Through user testing, we could then find the right balance between having an efficient and hurdle-free buying experience, the minimum fields required for each ordering path to complete, to boost conversion. While also having solid data capturing points to gather extensive ordering analytics for event intelligence and future interface optimization.

Custom branding options

One of the requirements was the ability that clients of Flicket would be able to style the platform to match their events or team branding. To accomplish this we designed and developed a full branding tool within the platform. This allows clients to easily set brand colors, greyscales, and branding images to make sure that everything from online, their ticket selling environment, to offline matches their branding and feels like one coherent experience.

Build to scale

From the big games to the smaller events, Flicket must be able to handle everything. To ensure a reliable platform we deployed everything serverless. Serverless results in extreme stability, since it adjusts the number of servers that are deployed based on the number of visitors you have. In addition to having a system that grows with you, it also keeps the server costs low.

Mobile-first experience

Everything is happening on a mobile device. From buying tickets to the analytics dashboard for the event organizers, we designed every element for an optimal mobile experience. The main challenge, give people a good overview of a stadium, showcase all the different types of seats and price ranges without losing people. With an innovative design frame-work, an integration of Seats.io, and elegant motion designed we ticked all the boxes.

Live-reporting tool

Flicket is focused on placing the power back into the hands of the event organizers. Instead of receiving a report of what went down afterward. Flicket gives its customers access to a live-analytics dashboard. Giving insights into everything they need to know to eliminate financial risk, manage cash flow and get access to first-party data in real-time.

Shopify integration 

Traditional ticketing platforms handle the sales of your tickets and nothing more, Flicket goes above and beyond to help their clients. With Flicket, event organizers are in direct contact with their fanbase. Where buying tickets and selling merchandise normally requires two different platforms and multiple clicks. We integrated the Shopify API, so people can buy merchandise in one integrated experience.

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