Authentic Experiences.

We partnered with Marqt to take their store launches and recruitment campaigns to the next level.

Marqt is an organic supermarket chain with stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Marqt was one of the first supermarkets in the Benelux to fill their stores with sustainable products only. Marqts philosophy is, products that are tasty, healthy and with a focus on nature conservation, care for animals and fair pricing for everyone involved.

Commissioned by their design partner Multitude, we helped them launch the sixteenth store in the Netherlands. The video is starring not actors, but their own employees, giving the video an authentic and genuine feel. The video shows their new concept store and explains how all the new concepts will contribute to a better grocery shopping experience.

To Help Marqt take its recruitment to the next level, we created 10 different social media recruitment videos, optimized for mobile. To appeal to their target audience at the right time and place, each video was delivered in different formats to support the platforms it was going to live on, ranging from Youtube to Instagram-stories.

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