A plug and play payment solution for Mindbody.




API UX / UI Design Development

iDEAL integration.

MBPLUGINS is an initiative of Story of AMS after we discovered a need for a payment integration for businesses who use MINDBODY software. In partnership with Mollie, AMS created a plug and play solution that allows businesses who are running MINDBODY software, to integrate iDEAL and many other payment methods on their website.

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No thought
is left behind.

Our belief is to be radically transparent about new ideas and have the whole team contribute. Then pick the best and start taking action. This led to MBPLUGINS, many happy customers and a partnership with Mollie, one of the biggest payment providers in the Netherlands.

Brainstorm - Story of AMS

Build, measure, learn.

First step in the process was to develop a landing page to start building an email list of interested users, to gauge market potential of the product. So when we actually had built the first version of the plugin, there was an existing market to launch the product to.

MBPLUGINS - Landing iPhone

Keep improving.

The plugin is easily integrated with the DIY guide for WordPress. Websites without WordPress can use the stand-alone JavaScript version. While the payment module is solving the biggest problem, end-user feedback provided valuable insights that led to new features to improve the plugin and enhance the user experience.

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Conversion increase for businesses that use MINDBODY software. Illustrating that building a successful product starts with solving a problem. Then find the right partners to do it with. Think of us as the partner that sometimes says what you may not like to hear but ultimately, build something together that the end-user will love.

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