Natural Heroes

Building a smarter experience with Shopify Plus.

Building a smarter experience with Shopify Plus

Natural Heroes is a leading dutch brand selling beauty and cosmetic products. As the brand name already suggests the products are made out of 100% natural ingredients. Natural Heroes built its business on the back of a Shopify theme store. With their growth and expansion plans came new requirements and they asked Story of AMS to design and build a future-proof headless webshop on Shopify Plus.

What we did:

  • Digital branding

  • User experience design

  • Interface design

  • Responsive Web development

  • Headless Shopify Plus platform

Intuitive user journey

Natural Heroes believes that healthy and sustainable living should be simple, fun, and easy. Our mission with this project was to make their shopping experience simple, fun, and easy. We started by creating a new digital look and feel that better matched Natural Heroes and their target audience. Our next step was the user experience. We set out to create an experience that portrays just the right amount of information at every step to lead customers down the right path, the path to purchase.

When it comes to beauty and cosmetic products each customer has individual needs and should be offered tailored product recommendations. To accommodate a personalized experience we created a guided selling flow with the Perfect Product Finder. The flow asks customers a series of questions that help them narrow down their needs and wishes. Based on their answers, customers get suggested products that fit their needs.

AI-powered search solution

To further improve the user experience we integrated Algolia, an AI-powered search solution. With Algolia we were able to build an intelligent, personalized eCommerce site search and discovery experiences that shoppers love. A headless commerce solution allows you to seamlessly integrate the best-in-class tools for specific jobs. With Algolia we turned the site search into a blazing fast experience that allows for frictionless shopping with robust typo tolerance and advanced filters. In addition, search results not only showcase relevant products but also showcase promoted and editorial content for more upsell possibilities.

Ready for international growth

With Natural Heroes further domestic and international growth they need a solution that is future-proof and enables international growth. Headless commerce separates your back-end infrastructure from your front-end customer touchpoints, so you can build new selling opportunities anywhere—all managed from a central location.

The CMS we coupled to Shopify Plus is Storyblok, a revolutionary headless CMS. Storyblok works with ‘blocks’, dynamic components which can include product sliders, video embed, FAQs, and much more. These blocks can be re-used on all pages without limitations. Having such a consistent, flexible system helps Natural Heroes’ internal team create custom page layouts to introduce new products, create landing pages and introduce seasonal content.

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