An innovative e-commerce experience., is one of the biggest perfume retailers in the Netherlands. They asked Story of AMS to design and build a new e-commerce experience that is ready for the next generation of perfume shoppers.

We created an innovative digital storefront that exceeds the expectations of the modern-day online shopper.

What we did

• Market Research
• Brand Strategy
• UX/UI Design
• Headless Shopify
• Web development

Parfum Product Detail page

Matching the in-store experience

During the market research phase we explored the different types of visitors that would visit the platform. In our process we mapped out three main visitors: experts, amateurs and explorers. For each type of visitor we designed specific functions to create an experience that would meet their needs.

Parfum Search page


Customers who already know what they want are what we consider the experts. Their intention is to find their product and check out quickly and with ease. We designed a big search bar on the homepage that helps them get to the product they want straight away.

Parfum Mobile Search page
Parfum Mobile Results page


For the amateurs, people that want to buy something but don’t know exactly what, we created the perfume-finder, a chatbot that helps them find what they need. We researched what questions would be the most helpful for the amateurs in order to guide them to the perfect product.

Parfum Chatbot

Personalized Content

For the explorer, people that don’t want to buy something just yet, we designed a framework that not only pushes products when they search for something; but also other types of content. With the goal to inspire the explorer, there are curated blog posts, brand videos and much more guiding them to find something that sparks their interest enough to click the buy button.

Parfum Relevant Products & Related Articles

Build to Scale previous technology was running on a rigid system with limited opportunity. We created a seamless migration from magento to shopify wherein we transferred all customers including order history.

To build an extremely scalable and flexible e-commerce experience we opted to use the Shopify API for all webshop related functions, the Prismic API for the content and the Algolia API for the search system.

Parfum Technical Architecture

The frontend and the micro services are deployed serverless. Serverless results in extreme stability, since it adjusts the amount of servers that are deployed based on the amount of visitors you have. This helps keeps the server costs low for

Innovative Design Framework

One of the things does is run hyper targeted ads in combination with custom landing pages. Our headless shopify solution gives the ability to easily create custom landing pages.

Parfum Dynamic Content Blocks

Building blocks

We created pre-defined building blocks, together with 6 different color themes, allowing them to create thousands of unique landing pages, while still keeping the brand guidelines in check.

Parfum Home page
Parfum Custom Color Schemes

Loyalty Program

Returning users can create an account and receive personalized recommendations based on previous purchases. We designed a loyalty program that turns one-time shoppers into lifetime customers. With every purchase customers earn perfume points, allowing them to get free perfume, free samples or access to special actions.

Parfum Loyalty Points

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