Sustainable fashion: Easy & accessible.


The mission

Create an ecommerce platform and app that work to integrate some of the worlds top sustainable brands in one place.

The outcome

We created a custom webshop, app and B2B management system, each one with highly specific criteria and function that was custom designed and built.


Discovery Prototyping Design Branding App development Responsive web B2B platform

Sustainably focused.

Staiy was born from a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to make shopping sustainbly easier for consumers.
They needed a way to bring all the amazing brands out there together, creating a central place where consumers could find the sustainable items they loved.

Staiy screens

Selected for you.

Realising there was a need to highlight the variety of sustainable and ethical fashion brands available, they came to us with a seed of an idea and an AI algorithm. The algorithm would help find sustainable items in the customer’s style — making shopping sustainably even easier.

iPhone view of a product overview page
Macbook view of a product overview page

Multiple platforms.

We worked with them to design a website, app and B2B brand management platform - working on complex user journeys and functionalities, all the while keeping the consumer side of the website onbrand, clean and appealing.

“The brands Staiy works with all have their own e-commerce platform in place. Most of these different webshops have individual configurations. It was imperative to work on integrations that would work for all of these different configurations — making the entry-barrier as low as possible.”

Roy Broertjes

Full stack developer

Seamless integrations.

Of course, many of these brands were already working with their own webshop. So we needed to work on integrations, making the barrier to join the platform as low as possible. We worked out full integrations for Shopify and Woocommerce, as well as ways to upload products using a csv file or even manually.

Macbook view of a brand page
iPhone view of a product page

“Imagine a customer has ordered from three different brands. That means five separate order statuses. One for the platform, one for the customer, and three for the brands. We focused on keeping a smooth overview.”

Bruna da Fonseca

Full stack developer

Keeping the drop shipping overview.

As brands were shipping their own products, we were working with multiple shipping partners, shipping rules, and order statuses. We worked out ways to separate those for the Staiy team, the brands and the customers, while maintaining overview and keeping the complexities to a minimum.

View of the order overview
View of the order summary

A fully functioning web-app.

We are still working closely with Staiy, refining their product where possible. Ultimately we now have a striking, consumer focused website that highlights some of the great sustainable brands available in the market today.

Check-out, check.

We worked out a custom check-out based on the needs of the Staiy customers, as well as the payment systems brands were working with. We combined the most important features, worked with Stripe to integrate some of the payment options, and worked everything into a three-step check-out.

Sustainability credit.

Not only did the Staiy team want to bring the world’s most sustainable brands together in one place, they also wanted to make shopping sustainably more rewarding. They introduced a contributions system to help users understand the ways in which brands are sustainable. These points can be donated to plant trees around the world.

View of the footprint page
View of the footprint page information

The gain.

The products we created for Staiy landed them an investment partner, who helped them scale the next level and push their brand further forward. With write ups in multiple german based publications, their website and app was met with a lot of support and anticipation.

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