A website for optimal A/B testing.

Wonderkind is one of the fastest growing startups in Amsterdam. They’ve redefined the way to attract talent via advertising on social media, Google and in apps people use every day. With clients like Tata Steel, Brunel, and Tesla, it was time for a website make-over. Fast. They delivered the design, we delivered their new website. Within 3 weeks.

Wonderkind - homepage

Optimization at the core.

Being the king of recruitment with AI finding the right candidates to hyper-target them with the right job ads means Wonderkind knows the importance of A/B testing and optimization. So they wanted to be able to do this with their website as well.Being able to run different versions of the site simultaneously. This meant a CMS that allows for fast content iterations to find out what works best for different target groups.

A dynamic look and feel.

By adding subtle effects to the website, it transitions from static to a dynamic experience. With the emphasis on subtle so the effects are not annoying for people navigating the site. Adding to the user experience instead of subtracting to it.

Wonderkind - Wordpress
Wonderkind - Blog

Go fast or go home.

Developing in sprints ensured every stage in the process is tested before moving onto the next one. Minimizing bugs when the website goes live. Withing a very short timeframe Wonderkind was live with their brand new website with a clean, dynamic front-end and a back-end arranged such that Wonderkind can easily manage the website’s content.

End result.

A design turned into a fully functioning website within three weeks. Catered towards the needs of Wonderkind for maximum flexibility and a dynamic look and feel.

Wonderkind - Pages
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