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Your production agency for web, app, platform, campaign, video & animation. Hand-made in Amsterdam.

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What to expect
Your business is unique, you want something custom.

But it obviously should look amazingProvide the best customer experienceBe delivered on time and within budget

But it obviously should look amazing

The end result should look so smooth people can’t wait to use it.

Provide the best customer experience

Clean and simple look and feel, easy to navigate.

Be delivered on time and within budget

Full transparency in planning and costs so there are no surprises down the line.

Our process
How we make our clients successful.

Working in sprints, keeping you in the loop at all times to build something you can proudly show your customers.


You will be introduced to the team and make sure everything is crystal clear before we start designing.



Visualizing the product to ensure it looks visually stunning while also being intuitive and simple to use.



The product comes alive, one functionality at the time.



The product is ready to be tested with end-users. Outcomes to be implemented in the product before the official launch.



The product is officially live, there for the world to see and use!



You won’t be left in the cold. We’re here if you need us.


Our techniques work for B2B and B2C Companies.

Medium businesses

Small businesses

Sport and Health

Tech companies

Service based


Fortune 500






Don't take our word for it.

The only reason why I would not recommend hiring them, would literally be that I want them to spend their time on new projects I am lining up for them.

Thijs van Mil

Global Product Owner Intersport

We are very happy with our partnership with Story of AMS. The relationship is very entrepreneurial, together with Story of AMS we were able to offer better products to our clients.

Adriaan Mol

Owner Mollie

Why us
If part of your business is online, we can help you win.

Stand out

Design focused products that makes your business stand out and turns heads. Literally.

Move fast

Brilliant minds with a get shit done mentality equals an insane speed of delivery.

Save money

Techniques also used by Uber, Instagram and Paypal, will make your product future-proof and highly scalable.

Let's write your
story, together.

We don't tell you our story. We write it together. Partnering with us means a seat at the table where you WILL be heard.