Making in-store shopping easier and more fun.

Making in-store shopping easier and more fun

Digitalize for better service

Intersport is a global player in the sports apparel industry with over 5500 Intersport shops in 44 countries. They recognized the growing need for digitalization to enhance the shopping experience. With more people buying goods online, Intersport believes that physical stores still play a key role in the whole customer experience. We’ve helped them digitalize in-store tasks to optimize the experience of both the customers and store clerks. Here’s how we did it.

To directly influence the customer’s experience you start with the closest interaction between your brand and the customer. Which in this case is with the store clerks. Understanding that enabling the people that are closest to the customer, is vital for a better customer experience.

Enabling them to better serve the customer by digitalizing time consuming tasks like physically checking for certain sizes and reducing lines by optimizing the check-out process.

Keeping customers in store

When an item is unavailable, story clerks can check the real time inventory of other Intersport stores. Then have the customer choose to have the item delivered at a store of their choice or at their home address. In doing so, reducing customers walking out the store and buying the same item from a competing store.

Faster check-out means less lines

To enable the in-app checkout process we have integrated the app with the brand new cloud terminal API of Adyen. Allowing customers to directly pay with the store clerk without having to stand in line. It also allows for easy set-up when rolling out the payment system in all Intersport stores.

Built for scalability

While being tested in selected stores first, the app is designed and developed to be rolled out worldwide. Meaning from the first phase, the app is built for scalability. Using the newest technologies such as React Native allows for fast iterations between different platforms and devices for Android and iOS. This is the same technology Instagram, Facebook and Uber uses to built their apps.

End result

Customers can now see, feel and smell all the products that Intersport offers with decreased check-out lines and store clerks that don’t have to spend their time on mundane tasks anymore.

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