What are the benefits of Shopify Plus for Headless eCommerce?

What are the benefits of Shopify Plus for Headless eCommerce?
Story of AMS
Story of AMS
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Shopify has become a household name. The eCommerce giant has made headway with its robust and forward-thinking eCommerce solutions. Recently Shopify Plus has gained a lot of popularity. As of today, more than 10.000 brands are using this commerce engine.

Shopify Plus is one of the best platforms for global eCommerce solutions. It’s designed to help you scale and is made for businesses with global ambition - who want to stay at the forefront of technology advancement while keeping their customers happy. 

Working with Shopify Plus is our recommendation for large and ambitious eCommerce businesses, and we’re going to jump into why exactly it’s our preferred supplier for headless solutions. 

Gets you to market faster

Since you don’t have to build everything from scratch, you’ve got the possibility to focus on the parts that are integral to your brand, and trust that you’re in safe hands for the management of customers, stock, and orders. This generally means you can get to market much quicker and more efficiently than if you were building from the ground up. 


Shopify Plus is one of the great tools that works headless easily. Because of this, you have the power to customize your storefront to be exactly what you want it to be. This gives you ultimate power on how you display your products and what exactly your customers experience when in your store. 

They also have plenty of third-party plug-ins that can be used to create a more customized experience while shopping. Not everything will be plug and play, but with so many options there are certainly some great tools to power up your eCommerce offerings.

Powered by the industries best 

With 10,978 peak checkouts per minute on the Shopify Plus platform globally, you know you’re in good hands. Shopify is globally recognized as a fantastic eCommerce provider and as such, some pretty big names are using it to handle their retail businesses. Because the Shopify development teams keep everything going smoothly on their end, you don’t have to worry quite so much about the bread and butter eCommerce actions.


Using Shopify Plus also means you can leverage their Shopify Flow for a seamless and automated checkout process. This means you can automatically manage inventory, standardize merchandising and products, notify customers when sales start or when items are back in stock, plus so much more. Saving you time and providing your customers with a great service. 

Fast and Flexible

Shopify is fast as it is, but Shopify Plus with headless is even faster. Conversion rates can be heavily affected by a slow site, so having speed is integral to make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot. In this instance, a headless Shopify Plus solution is a no-brainer - as it can load in layers rather than one big behemoth of a site. 

Keep up with customer retail trends

Shopify Plus itself is a great platform, but decoupled is where you can really make some magic happen. When utilizing Shopify Plus to power your backend, and relying on it to take care of checkout and product management, any changes on the frontend become a lot easier to implement, meaning you can work more agile, update as needed to stay ahead of competitors, and keep customers coming back to a state of the art eCommerce retail site.

Multi-platform becomes a lot easier. 

If you’ve opted for headless eCommerce with Shopify, you can utilize it for more than just your website. 

Thanks to the whole “headless” thing, you can also connect apps and solutions that require the same backend but alternative frontend’s; all to your Shopify Plus system. This means you can centralize customers, inventory, and orders across multi-uses easily. Allowing for a fully optimized digital eCommerce business. 

If you want to know more about how Shopify Plus can benefit your eCommerce business then feel free to get in touch, and we can help you decide if a Shopify webshop is the right solution for your business,

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