The best Headless CMS in 2021: Storyblok

The best Headless CMS in 2021: Storyblok
Story of AMS
Story of AMS

With every headless solution, you need to select a headless CMS system that takes control of all the fun visual stuff, and the team here at Story of AMS are big fans of Storyblok

Storyblok was founded by developers, for developers and spun out of a digital agency from Austria. They saw the pitfalls with existing content management solutions, and wanted to create their own that would function the way they wanted it to, while keeping with current market developments and advancements. Because of this, it’s really kept in mind function and usability, with no legacy code holding it back.

Some of the key reasons we love using Storyblok for headless eCommerce solutions are below, it makes our lives and clients lives much easier, and is a great solution when paired with Shopify Plus for headless eCommerce

Visual editor

A visual editor is key to a successful content focused platform. You of course want to see what it is you’re making when you’re making it, so building out content blocks and seeing your pages come to life make it easy to tweak, update and get to a place where you need it to.

Easy to use

Thanks to the visual editor, conventions for CMS, and a little input from people who actually used the system when they built it, Storyblok is very intuitive. It won’t take a whole training to get you up to scratch, however it still has elements that are able to be customised to your retail store specifically. 

Unlimited components

Each of your components that make up a page can be nested in a content-tree. Basically a drop down of everything you could need. This makes it much easier to build out pages and reuse existing elements that stick to your website's grids. Giving you flexibility over pages and creative freedom to express your brand as it is needed, and as it’s needs change.

Scalable pricing 

Understanding that not every website requires a giant team of people to manage it, Storyblok’s pricing is flexible and grows with you as your business grows. This makes sure you’re not paying too much for what you’re doing. Giving the user control on when it’s time to amp things up.

Designed for Headless

Incoming developer chat, but with Storyblok SDKs for nearly all tech stacks are possible, which makes it really simple to integrate with a dedicated eCommerce system like Shopify Plus. It also can work seamlessly with existing PIM solutions to ensure your internal processes are covered across the board. We’ve taken this all a step further and created our own open source library, the storyblok-toolkit, which has now become the standard for people that use Storyblok with React.

Perfect for Omni-channel publishing

With a focused headless solution, and Storyblok taking care of all content, it’s ready for an Omni-channel approach - making it easy for you to share and publish your content across multiple channels and formats. 

As an official Storyblok partner, we work extra closely with their system and have since created some great headless eCommerce platforms using Storyblok to manage all creative content and Shopify Plus to handle all the retail functions. As a pair they work well together and create a seamless workflow for backend and frontend. 

If you want to find out if Storyblok would work for your business, get in touch and we would be happy to talk you through it.

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