Bols launches a new eCommerce website to sell direct to consumers

Bols launches a new eCommerce website to sell direct to consumers
Story of AMS
Story of AMS

Bols, the world-renowned liquor brand, launched its new eCommerce website. The latest development in the brand’s commitment to sell directly to consumers.

‘Experimenting in the kitchen has been something we've been doing for a while, but these days more and more home bartenders are also enthusiastically getting to work with drinks and bar tools. Still, making a cocktail is not always an easy job. Bols has therefore brought together its finest liqueurs and spirits in two tasty ready-to-enjoy cocktails. Meet the Bols Ginger Mule and the Bols Elderflower Spritz. Sparkling and fresh, with little alcohol and calories, in a convenient and stylish can. With these refreshing ready-to-enjoy cocktails, 'The World's First Cocktail Brand' brings its cocktail experience to your living room. Serve with garnish in a beautiful glass and steal the show', announces Sandie van Doorne (executive creative & communications director Bols). Source

Story of AMS led the design and development of the ecommerce website. The website aims to inspire their target audience instead of just selling products. One of the ways this is accomplished is through the introduction of ‘cocktail moments’. With cocktail moments Bols showcases what types of cocktails you can and should consume for different occasions and celebrations. 

To support Bols’s ambitions, the eCommerce experience is optimized for international commerce. Successful international eCommerce depends on creating an exceptional localized experience. To accomplish this we built a headless solution on the Shopify Plus platform. 

Headless commerce separates your front-end design from your back-end infrastructure. Empowering us to build a custom storefront that represents the brand. Powered by the Shopify Plus commerce engine, we were able to build highly personalized shopping experiences customers expect, in multiple currencies and languages, all from one Shopify organization. 

Read the full Bols case study here: Going direct to consumer with Shopify Plus.

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