How to write converting product descriptions

How to write converting product descriptions
Story of AMS
Story of AMS

The art of product description writing is a fine one. Creating balance between interest, information and SEO friendly word choices puts every word you place in those sentences on a teetering tight-rope. So we’re here to give you some tips of the trade to craft product descriptions that tick all the boxes, helping convert and explain each and every product offering in your eCommerce store. 

Uniqueness is key 

Each of your product descriptions should be (almost) one of a kind, think sisters not twins. Although this can be a daunting task if your webshop is expansive, it really is key to not only having a winning SEO strategy but also making sure each product is represented properly. Keeping key words the same, but the sentences that wrap them unique to your product, yet different will ensure you’re targeting the right things and keeping things relevant for your customers. 

Short and Sweet

This one should be a given, but overly drawn out wordy product descriptions can hide the true meaning and important information. This is not the place to write your epic ode to your handmade rugs or limited edition sport shoes, save that for the about page. This is the space where customers expect to find the information that will help convince them whether or not this product is right for them. Keeping it informative, short and sweet is the key.

Formatting is your friend

Having a good format for your product descriptions doesn’t sound like the most important thing but formatting can help emphasise information, focus the message and make your descriptions easy to scan and absorb for customers. Having important specs or fit information highlighted in a bullet form for instance, with the more “sales talk” product description grouped in a paragraph gives customers the option to read it all, or take what they will from it.  

Focus on the goal

The goal of a product description, it to … well, describe the product. Keep your descriptions to the point and emphasise the important aspects of what you’re selling. If the information is useful to someone in their purchasing journey, then that's what you should include here. Highlight the best attributes and features and the rest should take care of itself. 

Support copy with imagery

Product descriptions should act as an emphasiser or additional point of information to the images of your products that you display on your website. Imagery is what gravitated your customer to this product in the first place, making them click on it to learn more. The age old saying of “a picture is worth a thousand words” makes perfect sense in this context. Make sure your images also showcase anything described in the copy, if these two points relate to each other, then you’ve given your item the best opportunity to shine.

Use Icons to emphasise 

Descriptions and copy is not the only way to showcase information to your customers. Infographics and icons can also be used in accordance with the copy to highlight and inform visually. Having smart selections of icons can guide customers to particular parts of information, maybe even giving it more importance or attention - especially if it's a winning feature likely to convince the customer to purchase.

Don’t forget your keywords

Product descriptions are an important part of your SEO strategy. A primed eCommerce store should always be factoring this in, especially when they’re selling a product with a saturated or cluttered marketplace in high demand. Sometimes SEO could be the only way to maintain a competitive advantage when customers are looking for what you’re offering. Make sure you do research on what people are searching in this space, and factor those word choices into your product descriptions, product titles and the rest of your website content - making sure they’re actually relevant and related to your products also. 

Need some help with creating an eCommerce experience fit for your crafty and perfectly worded product descriptions? Now that you know all the tricks of the trade, we can help you with ours. Get in touch if you’re in need of a new online retail store and want some help.

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