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Headless eCommerce: Why Shopify Plus is the perfect solution

Headless eCommerce: Why Shopify Plus is the perfect solution
July 15 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Ready to future-proof your eCommerce business?

Join our free webinar on July 15 for the ultimate guide on Headless eCommerce and Shopify Plus. Find out what exactly a headless setup can do for your eCommerce store, and why Shopify Plus might be the right next move for you.

Learn all the ins and outs from eCommerce experts:

Our experts will demonstrate how to push the boundaries of eCommerce, as they dive into every important aspect of Shopify Plus and show how to take full advantage with a headless setup.


  • What is Headless eCommerce and how does it work?

  • Shopify vs. Shopify Plus (which one is right for you?)

  • Benefits of a Headless Shopify Plus environment

  • How to create content-rich eCommerce experiences

  • Exploration of key Shopify Plus features of this moment

  • Case study: Building a global eCommerce brand


Thursday, July 15, 16.00-17.00


Your home office.

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