Exploring your brand identity.

Exploring your brand identity.
Ashley Snoei
Ashley Snoei
24 min listen

Empire State Building. The Eiffel Tower. A’DAM Toren? An addition well worth a spot in this list of iconic landmarks, Pauline Goedhart assures us on the latest Story of AMS Podcast. The Brand Manager of A’DAM Toren and Marketing Manager of A’DAM Lookout has witnessed first-hand the incredible growth the unique tower has experienced since opening its doors in 2016. Being a multi-functional building catering to creatives, nightlife goers and tourists alike, we dive into what it’s like to be responsible for the branding of such a diverse phenomenon. 

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In this new episode of the Story of AMS Podcast we discuss how the Tower famed for its 100-meter-high swing has become such an icon for the capital. We discover that the tower and the success it has generated has much more than its Insta-worthy view to thank for. That is, its impeccable branding has played a vital role. She explains how the brand's core values are woven into every fiber of this "vertical city". However, how do you ensure that your product (or entire building) matches your brand’s DNA at all times? How do you say no to certain opportunities?

Furthermore, the Brand and Marketing Manager explains the key differences between her two roles (and what they entail exactly). We also ask how they, as a business largely reliant on entertainment and tourism, have been able to shift gears during the pandemic. What is her forecast for 2021? Naturally, we are also curious: what is the A’DAM Toren doing to conquer a spot among the world's most iconic landmarks? 

*This podcast is in Dutch, webdesign Amsterdam.

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